The Joy of Receiving
by Francine Mancini 

The joyful marriage of head and heart...

...the alignment and synchronization of body, mind and heart...

...and the continual unfoldment of living as the Natural Self...

...the continual unfoldment of

Living Life as Love's Art!


We are living in extraordinary times - with all of the diverse genius alive, resources present, and changes afoot,  we have more opportunities than ever before to live, give, love, play and create a world that works well for everyone.

Each being uniquely contributes to our world in seen and unseen ways - and The Heart of Receiving Project is the title I'm giving to what I'd like to contribute and share with you.'s about the heart... and it's about receiving... and so much more!

I recently updated the site (Sept. 2012). Please enjoy prancing through the pages, watching the incredible videos I've selected, and exploring the suggested resources.

And be sure to check back in from time to time to see what's new!

Our Website:  This site has gone through a few iterations prior to its relaunch in September 2012.  The current version is designed to introduce you to some of the ideas around The Heart of Receiving Project, to point you to a variety of resources, and to let you know about my expanded services.

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Our Blog:  This introductory website provides a basic foundation for my work. The blog will be the interactive playground where we'll continue the conversation and where we can play and participate together through the comment feature.  To dance on over to our blog, just click here!

NEW!  August 2013!  We're now on Facebook!

We're now on Facebook!  Over the past few years, I've really enjoyed connecting with everyone on Facebook and so in August I decided to create The Heart of Receiving Facebook Page.

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A New Playground....

We now have the opportunity to create a new playground on Earth.  Never before have we had the ability to connect, collaborate, contribute, and distribute our love, talents, skills, knowledge, wisdom and resources on such a global scale. Our know-how and technology are now in place for us to create a world that works well for every living being.  This means we can shift from many of the old ways of doing things - which really don't work very well anymore - and create new ways of living together and thriving as a global community.

What else then is needed?

Einstein has been quoted as saying, "That you can not solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it," and we agree.  And we believe that what is needed is already emerging in many of us - the ability to hold multiple perspectives, to integrate both intellect and intuition, and to consciously journey deep into our hearts and evolve to the next stage of human development.

The Heart of Receiving discusses this next stage and emphasizes the physiological and psychological qualities and values that emerge when intellect, intuition, and heart come together to reveal not only a new playground, but a higher octave of human expression.  We call this higher octave, The Realm of The Awakening Heart.

Although there is much to do to shift and uplift our global circumstances and collective consciousness, we believe that the Awakening Heart is the power and perspective that transcends the confusion, paradoxes, and uncertainties, and opens and aligns us for the reception of synergistic, sustainable, and prosperous solutions for all!

With the wisdom, power, and grace of The Awakening Heart we can lovingly and boldly step up to face our global challenges and opportunities.  Today, more than ever before, we can live our love, coming together individually and collectively, in new and exciting ways.

Our Introduction....

To set the stage for our Project, we'd like to introduce some of the foundational ideas around The Heart of Receiving and The New Playground. 

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Our Offerings....

Gifts:   We have a few gifts to offer and as our work unfolds we plan to add more to the list. To download our current gift offerings, please visit our Gifts page by clicking here!

Services:  I offer a variety of consulting services for inspired individuals and enthusiastic business owners who are looking for assistance and guidance in accessing and integrating their heart's wisdom and discovering and designing the next step(s) in living their dreams through living their love.

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Projects:  I also love collaborating on a wide-variety of individual projects or business, organizational, or group initiatives.  If you'd like to connect on a project, please contact me and we'll discuss the possibilities.

Products:  We have a few products in development and hope to have them available in the near future.  

Events:  Right now we do not have any events scheduled.  If you'd like to organize a class or a workshop specific to your business, organization, or circle of friends (virtual or in-person), please contact me and we'll discuss the possibilities.

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