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We are happy to partner with Amazon and leverage their amazing product assortment and technology platform for our Store.  Through this association, our friends can purchase anything Amazon offers by entering through our electronic storefront and website links and we'll benefit also by receiving a small commission. 

Below are just a few of the products we recommend that resonate with The Heart of Receiving Project. 

Great Reading, Viewing, Hearts and more!

Living Matrix: Film on the New Science of Healing .  The heart research discussed in this film provides the foundational science for The Heart of Receiving.  To learn more or to order, please click here!

From the founders of the Institute of Heartmath!  The HeartMath Solution is a great introduction to recent heart discoveries and a variety of simple practical techniques for soothing stress and aligning the heart.

The Fabric of The Cosmos

Nova: Fabric of the Cosmos

This PBS series aired in Autumn 2011 and we consider it a wonderful introduction to quantum physics and the nature of reality.  In this 2-DVD set of the 4-part series, physicist and author Brian Greene takes us on an incredible journey through time, space, quantum leaps, and multiverses!  Truly one program to view over and over again!  ENJOY!  

Seth, Jane Roberts & Robert Butts

I find it humorous that after decades of exploring spirituality and consciousness that it was not until April '09 when the Seth Books magically entered my orbit.  I felt like I had found whipped cream! 

To date, these are my two most favorites! The Nature of Personal Reality and The Magical Approach !

To see a list all of the Seth books available for purchase through our site, click here!
Boundaries: When to Say YES, When to Say NO, To Take Control of Your Life

We consider this book a "must-read."  Boundaries is a million-plus best-selling book written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.  Together, Drs. Cloud and Townsend have written a number of significant books related to taking responsibility for how we show up in life and in how best to create healthy boundaries in work, life and love.

Play - How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, & Invigorates the Soul   

This playful book by Dr. Stuart Brown is an easy read and discusses the current research on the physiological and psychological benefits of "play."  If you are looking to relax and enjoy powerful states of clarity, effectiveness, and success, play is an extremely beneficial activity to shift our experience and manifestation of reality.

Your Immortal Brain: Mastering the Art of Observation  by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  We highly recommend that you explore Dr. Joe's work!  This DVD provides a nice introduction to some recent brain research, along with simple quantum physics principles, and discusses how we can apply this new empowering information to make positive changes in our daily lives.

Prometheus Rising   Robert Anton Wilson was the master of bringing together information from all areas of study to playfully challenge his readers' intellect, intuition and perception of reality.  While I can wholeheartedly recommend all of Bob's books, I'm specifically recommending Prometheus Rising - for not only does the content provide a foundation for many of the ideas around The Heart of Receiving, but the exercises at the end of each chapter are a modern mystic's no-nonsense road map to consciousness expansion and integration!  Thank you, Bob!

GEMSTONE HEARTS!    These beautiful gemstone hearts are very reasonable priced and are a great set for combining color and gemstones in your heart explorations.  They also are wonderful gifts to give to your friends and family.  You can gift them individually or as a complete set!

Product Features:
  -  Set of 7 heart-shaped chakra gemstones w/ heart chakra pouch
  -  Avg stone size is approx. 1.25" W x 1" H; Each piece is unique & dimensions may vary slightly.
  -  Stones included:  Red Jasper (1st Chakra), Orange Quartz or Peach Aventurine (2nd Chakra), Golden Quartz (3rd Chakra), Green Aventurine (4th Chakra), Lapis Lazuli (5th Chakra), Sodalite (6th Chakra) & Amethyst (7th Chakra)
  -  Zippered velvet pouch is printed with heart chakra symbol & 7 Sanskrit chakra syllables
  -  You can use for healing, meditation, or ritual.

To order, click 7 CHAKRA HEART STONES w/ Heart Chakra Pouch ~ Jasper, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, & Amethyst

Flower Essence Services Healing Herbs Kit

This kit contains the 38 flower remedies discovered by Edward Bach, plus two bottles of Five-Flower Formula, his famous emergency combination.

The mother essences are prepared in England by Julian Barnard according to Dr. Bach's original methods.

Kit: 40 1/4 ounce (7.5 ml) bottles in two sturdy boxes for convenient storage.

To order, click here!
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